Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's not about the gifts...kinda

I swear, I'm not that materialistic.  Really, I'm a dog. How much stuff could I need? (My mother is muttering something in the background about treats and coats and poop bags and food and grooming and vet bills but we'll just ignore her.) I'm perfectly happy with a good tummy rub and a long trip to the park in lieu of wrapped presents.  And I definitely am not a fan of the trying-on process where my mom proceeds to stuff me into sweaters and coats she sees at the pet store and expects me to stand still in the face of possible treats on the floor to go and find! really woman, have some perspective!

That being said, apparently I have a material girl just waiting to escape because I'm pretty proud of my snazzy new collar and this deluxe car seat I got as Hanukkah gifts this week. I know, it's been a pricey week for someone who loves Gracie!  Even though I object to being buckled into the car seat over having free reign of the car, still, it's my seat! and it has plush lining! I know, i know, you're all drooling...try to contain yourselves. Maybe your inner material girl will come unleashed next year!

In the meantime, I have to go don my new jewels and pink ruffled coat to hop into my first class ride to the park...where i will promptly roll in mud and act the true un-materialistic dog that I am!

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