Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolutions...maybe

For 2012, I, Gracie Joy, resolve to:

  1. Come when called except when i find something really good to sniff or eat, in which case I'll come when I'm good and when the food has all been eaten
  2. Cover you with puppy licks for as long as you'll leave uncovered skin in my presence
  3. Be exuberantly overjoyed every time you walk in the door even if you've only been gone long enough to switch the laundry
  4. Not hold a grudge even when you pry discovered chicken bones out of my mouth
  5. Allow you to zip me up in frilly pink coats but only for the warmth factor and not because I care about appearances or anything...although I must admit I look pretty cute in my pink puffy jacket
  6. Eat every morsel of food in my bowl and then make continual checks every three minutes from then on out just in case you've added more food
  7. Adore you even when you're crabby
  8. Play fetch for as long as you want as long as you've got something tasty for me when I return the ball
  9. Stop and sniff every blade of grade and each petal of every flower to appreciate the beauty of nature...and pee
  10. Remind you by example to stop doing and just lie down and cuddle with me
  11. Listen to you and do what you ask...again, just not in the face of that case i may have a case of selective hearing loss
  12. Love you unconditionally no matter what you look like, what kind of mood you're in, or how successful you are.  
Then again, these resolutions aren't really a stretch for's kind of just me being a dog. 

 Hummm wonder if they still count.  Perhaps a better title would be "What a dog does naturally"!

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  1. SO FUNNY! I don't do resolutions as I prefer to live daily by them, But YOU are s capable of so much. Must be what you big sis taught you. xox