Saturday, November 26, 2011

One of those days

It’s one of those days where she’s in one of those moods for no good reason.  I’m kinda feeling sluggish myself so either it’s contagious or we both woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Either way, we’re not happy campers today.  This drives my master mom insane.  Me – I’m ok with having a lazy sunny Saturday filled with park and not a lot else. 

But she doesn’t do so well with crankiness.  She has her aforementioned list, so feeling tired and crabby just doesn’t fit into the schedule for today.  Plus, she hasn’t figured out how to take a mental health day.  She still goes about her day and tries to muscle through her carefully planned out activities which inevitably lead to her being snappy with someone she loves, resenting someone she loves, or losing her patience with me.  I personally prefer the first two options.

It’s not so much the crabbiness that bugs her but more the ‘for no good reason’.  I get it.  I like to have something to point my tail at, an understanding of why I’m unhappy – usually in my case it’s pretty clear…lost treat, hungry, disciplined for trying to steal dropped food, etc.  So it’s just one of those days where we’ll power thru and pray for bedtime.

Or maybe she could take some cues from me and spend the day napping in the sun, cuddling with me, and taking some alone time to muddle through the hours in quiet relaxation instead of washing the car, going grocery shopping, searching for a duvet cover, writing birthday cards, vacuuming, and cleaning the kitchen stove. 

Let’s cast our votes for what to do today… 

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